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uhhhhhh, VST won´t make it ….

Sythesizer Heaven – Studio of Parallel Worlds

Wavemountain studio equipment list:

Analogue (semi-modular synths, monosynths, string machines, drum machines):

* ARP 2600 mk2 synth with 3604P keyboard
* ARP Odyssey mk3
* Korg MS-20 monosynth, MS-50 monosynth, SQ-10 Sequencer, VC-10 Vocoder, MS-02 interface
* Korg PE-1000 Polyphonic Ensemble with Korg S-2 dual footswitch
* Korg PE-2000 Polyphonic Ensemble
* Roland System-100 (101, 102)
* Korg Trident mk1 keyboard/synth
* Moog Opus 3 strings synth
* Roland TR-606 Drum Machine (modified with Analogue Solutions tonal mod Box & individual outputs)
* Eko Rhythmaker preset Drum Machine
* Korg SE-500 Stage Echo
* Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Analogue Modulars:

* EMS VCS3 mk1 with EMS DK1 keyboard
* EMS VCS3 mk1(second) heavily modified with added VCO Sync, PWM inputs)
* EMS Random Voltage Generator module
* Technosaurus Selector System-D analogue modular (29 modules)
* Analogue Systems RS-Integrator modular (five 6U racks – 48 modules)
* Serge Modular Music System (16 panels)
* Analogue Solutions Concussor modular (6U rack – 13 modules, mostly drums)
* Doepfer A-100 / euro analogue modular (two 3U racks, fourteen 6U racks, two 9U portable cases – 220 Doepfer A100 modules)
* extra modules mounted into my A100 / euro frames:
* Cyndustries ZerOscillator module, 4 Harvestman modules, 3 MakeNoise modules, 2 Livewire modules, 3 Plan B modules, 1 Flight Of Harmony module, 3 Malekko/wiard modules, 1 4ms module
* Metalbox /CGS analogue Modular (18U rack)
* Roland System-100m Modular (three 191j cabinets)
* Oberheim 4 Voice SEM Modular (20U rack)
* Three external LDR custom boxes for use with the two light to CV Doepfer A100 modules
* many hundreds of mini-jack, banana and big-jack patch cables…


* Korg Wavestation keyboard wave-sequencing synth
* Korg MS-2000R Virtual analog synth
* Roland JP-8000 Virtual analog synth
* Yamaha FS1R advanced FM synth
* Yamaha TX-516 FM synth and BC2 Breath Controller
* Korg Electribe S mk1 sampling drum machine
* Korg Electribe S mk2 sampling drum machine
* Korg Electribe SX sampling drum machine
* Nord Modular Rack (Expanded) Virtual Modular
* Waldorf Microwave XT wavetable synth


* Emu EMAX II rack HD (8MB) plus Zip100 scsi drive
* Roland S-750 (18MB each) (x2) plus Zip250 scsi drive, Zip100 scsi drive, Apple CDROM drive, monitor.


* Kenton Pro-Solo midi to cv
* Kenton Pro2000 midi to cv
* Doepfer MCV24 midi to cv
* Anatek Pocket Merge midi merger, Pocket Breath bc to midi
* Yamaha YME8 midi thru box
* M-Audio CO2 Optical/Coaxial Converter

Mixing / Recording:

* Mackie HR-624 active monitors
* Yamaha HS80M active monitors
* Two Yamaha 03D Digital Mixers plus CD8-CS cascade cards kit
* Sony DPS-R7 Reverb
* Sony DPS-D7 Modulation/chorus/flanger
* Roland SDE-330 Dimensional space delay
* Roland SDX-330 Dimensional expander
* Lexicon Vortex Morphing processor
* Behringer Edison spatial processor, PX2000 Patchbay (x2)
* Behringer Denoiser 1000, Denoiser 2000, Composer compressor, Valve mic pre-amp, Dualfex exciter.
* Paia Dual Compressor
* Sony DTC-790 DAT
* Shure SM58 Mic

Computers / Software:

* N.I. Reaktor 5 software modular, Ableton Live 8 Suite
* HP Laptop (Intel Pentium 1.7Ghz, 2GB) plus M-Audio 4×4 midi interface, and M-Audio firewire Audiophile
* HP Laptop (Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.8Ghz, 1024MB) plus M-audio 2×2 midi interface.
* Atari 1040 ST

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