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Fund auf Soundcloud. Gefällt mir sehr.

another vinyl mix – all Rhythm and Sound trax on Burial Mix and R&S own imprint –

Deep and Dubby says it all – tracks from Echospace (Detroit), Scion Versions, Styrax & Styrax Leaves, Millions of Moments and Metrolux.
Track list as follows:
01.Intrusion – Intrusion (phase 90 reshape) [Echospace Detroit]
02.Intrusion – Intrusion (phase 90 shape II) [Echospace Detroit]
03.Substance & Vainqueur – Resonance [Scion Versions]
04.Substance & Vainqueur – Reverberation [Scion Versions]
05.Substance & Vainqueur – Immersion [Scion Versions]
06.Substance & Vainqueur – Reverberate [Scion Versions]
07.Intrusion – Intrusion Dub [Echospace Detroit]
08.Substance & Vainqueur – Surface [Scion Versions]
09.Intrusion – Intrusion (cv313 Reduction) [Echospace Detroit]
10.Grandbend (remastered mix) [Echospace Detroit]
11.Model 500 – Starlight (Mike Huckaby Synth Remix)[Echospace Detroit]
12.Koi – Deaf Torero [Styrax Leaves]
13.Bvdub – Quiet Vengeance [Styrax]
14.UB-313 – Trak 6 (Echospace dub) [Fortune8]
15.Havantepe – Air [Styrax Leaves]
16.Atheus – ???? [Metrolux]
17.Quantec – Circular [Styrax Leaves]
18.Atheus – InChain FX [Millions of Moments]
19.Atheus – Unendlich [Styrax]

Buying records since 1987, playing them seriously since 1991. Former aficionado and part-time resident at PURE, Edinburgh. A veteran of the original scene with the scars to prove it! 🙂 I’ll see how this goes and may upgrade to a pro account – but you can find all my mixes (hosted on Megaupload) via Discogs. They’re in the Mixes, Acid, When Trance was Good and Old Skool Lovers forums – and there’s also thread of mine in the Mixes Archive.
I use 2 (and sometimes 3) SL1210 Mk2’s and a DJM400 or DJM700 mixer and Magix Audiocleaning lab to record my mixes – no other funny stuff – so what you hear is what I do.
I try not to be a one-trick pony and do mixes in all sorts of genres – oldskool, acid, trance (GOOD trance obviously), techno, house, dub, minimal etc – my record collection is varied – and totals about 3800 pieces currently – and is still growing every week. Check back from time to time as my mixes will regularly change – until I upgrade my account. Thanks for visiting and reading this far! 🙂 All comments are always welcome on my stuff. Best wishes and thanks…..Murray

Durch den vorhergenden Post, bin ich darauf  gekommen, doch mal zu schauen, ob sich der  „Berlin Mix“ von DJ C noch auf meiner HDD befindet. BINGO! Auch wenn DJ C teilweise einen recht eigenwilligen Mixtyle hat, so vermittelt die Auswahl der Tracks doch schon einiges des Stils, den ich einfach grandios finde.

Judith Schnaubelt vom BR schrieb einst über das Album Rhythm and Sound w/ the Artists:

„Willkommen in der Holy Church of Rhythm & Sound, als da sind: Ein Geräusch, sein Echo und eine Pulsfrequenz. Großes Rauschen, ein Beat, ein Bass, viel Raum.  Sind wir im Herzen unseres eigenen Körpers gelandet? Am Sinusknoten? Dem obskuren, elektrischen Taktgeber unserer Herzaktionen?

Judith Schnaubelt auf BR

Wenns interessiert, kann man sich hier ein paar mehr Infos holen.

Basic Channel – Sublabel Rhythm & Sound
Die Köpfe dahinter!



DJ C – Berlin Mix

   1.  Rhythm & Sound – Outward – Rhythm & Sound
   2. Rhythm & Sound – Roll Off / S – Rhythm & Sound
   3. Unknown – Version Blue – Blue Train
   4. Pole – Rondell Zwei – Matador Records
   5. Deadbeat – Organ In The Attic Sings The Blues – ~scape
   6. Rhythm & Sound – Troddin Version – Burial Mix
   7. Deep Chord – DC13 side 0 – Deep Chord
   8. Deadbeat – Cause For Hope – ~scape
   9. Rhythm & Sound – Mistry Version – Burial Mix
  10. Rhythm & Sound – Aground – Rhythm & Sound
  11. Deadbeat – Reclame (Montreal Winter Dub Remix) – Select Cuts
  12. Deadbeat – For Palestine – ~scape
  13. Rhythm & Sound – Never Tell You Version – Burial Mix
  14. Rhythm & Sound – Aerial – Rhythm & Sound
  15. Deadbeat – For Israel (Jaffa Revisted) – ~scape
  16. Rhythm & Sound – Friend Version – Rhythm & Sound
  17. Deadbeat – To Berlin With Love – ~scape