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mnml ssgs special – sigha

Veröffentlicht: 10. November 2010 in download, klangerfahrung, techno
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Danke an MajorMalfunction für´s darauf hinweisen. Hatte das Ding gestern wohl in meinem RSSReader gesehen, mir auf Grund von freiwilliger Blogpause aber gar nicht erst angehört. Ist wirklich echt gut. Schöner Techno. Treibend, mit deepen Momenten und durchgängig so ansprechend, dass während des Sets wohl Andere für mich zur Theke gehen müssten. 😉

„I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do with this mix. Over the last year my DJ sets have been getting harder, but I wanted to steer clear of delivering a relentless ‚club style‘ mix, and instead put something together that straddles the deep and the driving. On top of this, I wanted to maintain that psychedelic quality I’m always looking for. Usually I’d build something like this in a club if I had four hours or so to play with, so it was a challenge to maintain that balance and create the right transitions and tension in an hour long mix. Hopefully I’ve done this. Enjoy!“

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mnmlssgs haben jetzt eine Tracklist zu diesem fantastischen Mix veröffentlicht.

we received a fantastic response to the recording we posted on john osborn playing at the sub:stance 2nd birthday party at panorama bar, and we also received a lot of requests about track IDs. it has taken a while (john has been busy in the studio) but he has very kindly produced a full tracklist for his set. ok trainspotters, no excuses now, go buy some records!

Echologist. Slow Burn.
Sigha Reimagining. Steadfast

Luke Hess. Motor Dub. FXHE MUSIC

Keith Worthy. Lost In Sound. Aestetic Audio

Marko Fürstenberg, Without You –Sven Weisemann rmx Rotary Cocktail 024 

Luke Hess, Slow To Speak. Sound Mind EP. Deeplabs 001
Larsson, Ruanda. Marko Fürstenberg Rmx. Rotary Cocktail 011
RIBN Light Black EP
Langenberg. Times. Manuel Tur’s Fround Reflex
Joey Anderson. Dive Deep. SMR-008

Keith Worthy. Rocket Science. Aestetic Audio

Vampire EP. Echochord 042
Goldwill. What Is Behind. The Curtain Aera Edit. Wandering/5th Journey

MO 4.5

Mood II Swing. Move Me

Wax 10001

Jason Fine. Many To Many. Ben Klock Remix. KM013
Levon Vincent. Solemn Days. Deconstruct-002

Skudge 001. Contamination

Ben Klock. Viscoplastic. DRH028

Levon Vincent. Double Jointed Sex Freak. Novel Sound
Tevo Howard. Boing Pop. Rebirth

Phylyps Trak II

Wax 30003

Skudge 002. Melodrama

Deep ‚a & Biri. Fragile. You & Me Edit. Rotary Cocktail 017
Precious System. The Voice From Planet Love. Dixon Chic A Go Edit. Running Back 016

Ben Klock. OK ft Elif Biçer. Kenny Larkin Remix. Ostgut Ton 026
Donnacha Costello. Black Bag Job 737. Minimise 034A

Omar-S 004. FXHE Music.

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