Mit ‘Minimal’ getaggte Beiträge

Wenn bei Kollektiv Turmstrasse vom dubbigen Sound, wie sie ihn damals z.B. auf No Response veröffentlicht haben, nicht mehr viel übrig geblieben ist, so macht der Sound von 2010 trotzdem Spass. Das Dingen hier wabert irgendwie zwischen Deep- und Techhouse herum und hätte mir in irgendeinem Club wahrscheinlich ´ne lustige Nacht verschafft.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse – 2010-11-12 – Live at RTS-FM by Electro-Mix-Memory

Viel Spass damit.

Magda – Essential Mix – 30-10-2010 by R_co

1. Andy Vaz — Inscrutable Insects
2. Murr — Sunday Morning
3. Goldfish und der Dulz — Pool
4. Beaner — Little Helper 4-3
Little Helpers
5. Thomas Brinkmann — Drops
6. Soulphiction — Cheerleader (Poets Of D-Ism Mix)
7. Dinky — Jack
8. Putsch ’79 — Othello
9. JPLS — Voxcycle A
10. X District — Color Correction
11. Snuff Crew — Lovefreak
12. Chloé — Distant (Magda Remix)
13. Troy Pierce — A Slap In The Space
14. The Other People Place — Running From Love
15. Chris Carrier — Cancan (Dub Mix)
16. Rework — Love Love Love (Chloe Remix)
17. Jason Emsley — Unknown Title
18. Magda — Distance To Nowhere
19. Fever Ray Fever Ray — Seven (Marcell Dettmann Remix)
20. Robag Wruhme — Blech Beule
21. Maayan Nidam — The Road To Recovery
22. Rhythm Plate — Dirty (BLeep District Off Road Dub)
23. Cellule Eat — Tajin 3000
24. LoSoul — Late Chick
25. Anthony Shakir — Unknown Title
26. The Skull — Enter The Skull
27. Milton Bradley — Don’t Phonk
28. Maetrik — Purr Baby
29. The Unknown DJ — Basstronic
30. Soylent Green — Brut
31. Christian Burkhardt — Boomerang
32. Dplay — Südseestraße
33. Reade Truth — Breathe Into Light
34. Captain Comatose — Up In Flames (Glove Mix)
35. Booka Shade — Vertigo
36. Frozen Border — 21
37. Mr C — Dark Moon
38. Ion Ludwig — I Wont Listen

mnmlssgs haben jetzt eine Tracklist zu diesem fantastischen Mix veröffentlicht.

we received a fantastic response to the recording we posted on john osborn playing at the sub:stance 2nd birthday party at panorama bar, and we also received a lot of requests about track IDs. it has taken a while (john has been busy in the studio) but he has very kindly produced a full tracklist for his set. ok trainspotters, no excuses now, go buy some records!

Echologist. Slow Burn.
Sigha Reimagining. Steadfast

Luke Hess. Motor Dub. FXHE MUSIC

Keith Worthy. Lost In Sound. Aestetic Audio

Marko Fürstenberg, Without You –Sven Weisemann rmx Rotary Cocktail 024 

Luke Hess, Slow To Speak. Sound Mind EP. Deeplabs 001
Larsson, Ruanda. Marko Fürstenberg Rmx. Rotary Cocktail 011
RIBN Light Black EP
Langenberg. Times. Manuel Tur’s Fround Reflex
Joey Anderson. Dive Deep. SMR-008

Keith Worthy. Rocket Science. Aestetic Audio

Vampire EP. Echochord 042
Goldwill. What Is Behind. The Curtain Aera Edit. Wandering/5th Journey

MO 4.5

Mood II Swing. Move Me

Wax 10001

Jason Fine. Many To Many. Ben Klock Remix. KM013
Levon Vincent. Solemn Days. Deconstruct-002

Skudge 001. Contamination

Ben Klock. Viscoplastic. DRH028

Levon Vincent. Double Jointed Sex Freak. Novel Sound
Tevo Howard. Boing Pop. Rebirth

Phylyps Trak II

Wax 30003

Skudge 002. Melodrama

Deep ‚a & Biri. Fragile. You & Me Edit. Rotary Cocktail 017
Precious System. The Voice From Planet Love. Dixon Chic A Go Edit. Running Back 016

Ben Klock. OK ft Elif Biçer. Kenny Larkin Remix. Ostgut Ton 026
Donnacha Costello. Black Bag Job 737. Minimise 034A

Omar-S 004. FXHE Music.

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Spass pur! Minus halt.

Richie Hawtin – 2007-07-30 – Live at Minus Sunday Adventure Club Bar 25 Berlin by Electro-Mix-Memory

ssg special – kettenkarussell

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Danke an den Major Malfunction für den Hinweis. Sehr geiler Mix vom Kettenkarussell auf mnml ssgs !

This one has been a long time coming. Last year some time, Chris passed me a link to a live set by a duo called kettenkarussell, who the Sherburnator had been talking about on his blog, as I recall. The set in question, which, hopefully, many of you have heard (please remedy this if not!) was pure magic.

I love microhouse. But sometimes, it doesn’t quite deliver the goods: My My at their best were brilliant but, for me, at times, festooned their tracks with too many bells and whistles. Entre Lee Jones‘ solo album, which still stands up. Seriously, get it, or get it out (if you’ve got it) and give it a rub/spin. But but but: the problem was always one of time. On the one hand, microhouse is all about the interacting intrications, the way a melody sets of FX ripples, becomes a texture through modulation, fades into a sympathetic rhythm, etc, until the whole musical assembly turns into a mobile liquid. As a musical practice, it’s a kind of cloudshaping. On the other hand, for this effect to fully take hold, you need a time/space canvas that’s really, really big. Sky big. This is part of the reason why, for me, RV’s best tracks on Vasco or The au Harem… or Bruno Pronsato’s Make Up, Break Up work so well. Such origami (aura[l]-gami?) needs time to (un)fold in all its intricacies. The trouble is that all that time taxes the listener, and unless your rhythms, textures and melodic motifs build, shift and morph in sufficiently engaging ways – it’s boring. In most cases, I would rather watch the clouds fucking.

kettenkarussell are, for me, one of the few duos really doing justice to the creative possibilities of the microhouse microverse. They not only pull off the requisite formulas and push all the right buttons, they add a whole dark thicket full of animated organic sounds, wind up dolls (perhaps demonically possessed, be careful!) and forest clearings filled with soft, shining, melodic lights… fairies? I’m not sure… more than anything, the duo create an intense, dense, total mood that fills their enormous canvas, but one that never ever feels ’stuck‘, hurried, or sluggish. They add something that is inimitably their own. We are really, really happy to get this mix so we can share it with you. I hope you love it – I do.

If you’re in the area, kettenkarussell are playing at oe, which Konstantin describes as ‚a small festival more like a privat party on a little danish island‘. Check here for details.

For those of the Isles, on September the 17th KK are also playing at the alphaville festival, which will be held at Whitechapel Gallery in London‘. Details.

via: mnml ssgs

Beim Frühstücken tanzen oder beim Tanzen frühstücken vielleicht ?!

Schöner minimaler Mix vom MINUS Artist Marc Houle. Von 2005, aber dieser Hawtineske Sound ist absolut zeitlos.

Marc Houle – 2005-04-09 – Live at Oslo Club Detroit by Electro-Mix-Memory

Den ersten Track in Fabios Mix finde ich persönlich ein wenig gewöhnungsbedürftig. (?!) Danach gleitet das ganze aber in einer schönen Symbiose aus dubbigen Klängen und tanzbaren Beats dahin, um um Minute 19 herum in Richtung mnml abzudriften und dann um die 32 Minuten herum, wieder in „dubbier spaces“ zurück zu kehren. Einfach mal aufdrehen und sich ein eigenes Bild verschaffen!

Fabio Scalabroni – Let’s grow – vinyl djset 06-06-10 – free download by Fabio Scalabroni

Von Bass and Treble hab ich hier ja schon öfters was gepostet. Hier mal wieder was frisches von ihm. Gefällt mir wieder. Mit 133BPM wirkt der Mix im Bett liegend fast schon Uptempo 😉

„Techno Dub Dubtechno Bass Bass&Treble Lo-fi

DJ mix stubbornly recorded during an afternoon with stomach flu and painful cramps… Tracklist: 1. Crel „Unit 3“ (Plant43 Remix); 2. Dimitri Andreas „Run and Hide“ (Guido Schneider Dangerous Remix); 3. The Shadow „Free As You Wanna Be“; 4. The Black Dog „Northern Electronic Soul“ (Claro Intelecto Snake Pass Remix); 5. Pacou „All It Takes“ (Mike Huckaby Synth Remix); 6. Ben Klock „OK“ (feat. Elit Biçer); 7. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts „Can’t Cheat With Concrete“; 8. D. Diggler „Be-Bob Tango“; 9. Pattern Repeat „001B“; 10. Delta Funktionen „Silhouette“ (Marcel Dettman Remix); 11. Floorplan „Funky Souls“ (Club 246 Mix); 12. Sascha Funke „Lotre (Mehr Fleisch)“; 13. Delta Funktionen „Deflection“. „

Dub Club Friday Night by Bass and Treble

M3t4 – F4TMX04

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Schöner Mix mit Dubtechno, Minmal, Techno, Techstep & Dubstep

m3t4 – F4TMX04 by F4TMusic

1) Aes Dana – Signs (Ultimae)
2) Krill Minima – Princess Of The Undersea Gardens (Native State)
>> Shinigami San – Plateform 01 (F4TMusic)
3) Isotroph – After The Moon (F4TMusic)
4) Monolake – Wasteland (Imbalance)
5) Fat Acid – Bouddha Likes Minimal (Dub)
6) Kontext – Blinkende Stjerne (Immerse)
7) Isotroph – Genese (F4TMusic)
8) Minilogue – In A Distance (Cocoon)
9) m3t4 & Hydra – Matchbox (Dub)
10) Claro Intelecto – Rise (Modern Love)
11) Pearson Sound – indelible (Aus)
12) Mercury 13 – Green Feeling (???)
13) Shinichi Atobe – The Red line (Chain Reaction)
14) Krux – Neither I need you [ Shinigami San Remix ] (dub)
>> m3t4 – Aeon (dub)
15) Simple – Let it sink (Ilian Tape)
16) Mr Casual – Chiron (dub)
17) Myrkur & m3t4 – Ether (dub)
18) SYNC24 – Biota (Ultimae)
19) Isotroph – Lymbes (F Refix) (F4TMusic)
20) m3t4 – Sins of Freck (Polygohm)
21) Myrkur – The Observer (F4TMusic)
22) Coleco – Shepard’s Tones (dub)
23) Piranha Piranha – Twenty Four Seven (dub)
24) Flatmate – Cheyenne (Airflex)
25) Dr Pytor – Escape From Egoland (F4TMusic)
26) Simple – agua (free)
27) Shinigami San – Lofi (F4TMusic)
28) F – Shift (7even)
29) Isotroph – Lymbes (F4TMusic)
30) Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor – No Protection (Wild Bunch)
Set Up: Technics SL 1200 Mk2 / Stanton STR-8 150 / A&H Xone 32

Really like this one. it´s from 2008 but still great.

Find more Info here
and click here
for direct download.


In no order:

Cassino & Labén
Oliver Dodd – Elevators and Escalators – Addon
Dub Kult – Crypt – Curle Recordings
Danilo Vigorito – Alnitak (Dark Side) – Inside Orion Minimal Muzik
Click Box – Peek a Boo – Items & Things
John Conrad – Maxime Dangles
Aleph-1 – C A G 08.4s – iDEAL Recordings
Alex Under – Gris – CMYK
Johnny D – Tramodyssee – Oslo
J.Alter – Track 1
Gaiser – Ground 1.1
Acid Circus – Uncle Jak – Droid Recordings
Obtane – Tribute to Mandragora (Damon Wild Remix) – Synewave
Heron – Afterhour – Minisome
Hugo – Born To Bop – Claque Musique
Gel Abril – 200 Grams – Be As One
Moritz von Oswald – Watamu Beach Rework – Desolat
Seuil – Dance – Minibar
Skoozbot – Two Over The Eight – Mindshake Records
Dan Berkson & James What – Reflections feat Robert Owens – Poker Flat
Rasmus Hedlund – Betoni – Resopal Schallware
Alva Noto – Haliod Xerrox Copy 1 – Raster-Noton
Nick Curly – On My Way (Ali Nasser Remix) – Supernature Records
Heron – The Way Home – Minisome
J.Alter – Track 2