Mit ‘Garage’ getaggte Beiträge

Witzig und fresh³! 2Step, Garage und einfach die volle UK Happiness Breitseite.

Danke an den Herrn Withoutfield von den blogrebellen – btw ein grandioser blog – für´s zeigen. Das Dingen ist genau das richtige, um sich einen etwaigen Herbstblues einfach mal in der eigenen Bude aus den Knochen zu schütteln. *thumpsup*

Mixology Seven: A.K and Gon by Fundamental

Lucky seven in the Mixology series is provided by the duo of A.K and Gon both native to Dublin, Ireland. Longtime friends and collaborators, Gon recently caught our attention with his debut split 12-inch with Jamie Grind on Spatial’s Infrasonics imprint. A.K has become an integral part of the writing team here at Fundamental and displays an erudite understanding of 2-step in his articles as well as this mix. The tracklist features cuts from SBTRKT, Hot City and C.R.S.T.

Soft Wasp – Let me be (Shatterfreak Remix)
Swarms – Function 212
TRG – Everything We Stand For
Ike Release – I’m Gone
Jamie Grind – Bad Attitude (You Know It)
C.R.S.T. – Dial The Operator
Des Demure – Money Beet
Littlefoot – Sell My Soul
Sbtrkt – When Doves Strike
Kidkut. – ILove04
Octa Push – Laika Likes It
Sentinels – Maji
Hot City – Twist feat. MCDT
Kingthing – A2 Dubplate
Corticyte – Nextstep
Falty DL – Phreqaflex