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Und wieder mal Slam aus dem Sub Club in Glasgow. Gefällt.

SLAM – monopod 012 [Recorded 12th November @ Sub Club, Glasgow] by soma

Jacking … harhar …

pic by inky

Live at Waagenbau Hamburg / 12.11.2010 by snuffcrew

snuff crew

Richie Hawtin Live @ Magazzini Generali, Milan, Italy – 31-10-2010 by R_co

Während manche Mixes aus den mid90s für mich heute doch arg zu schnell vom Tempo daher kommen, ist und bleibt der Herr Hawtin einfach zeitlos …

Plastikman aka Richie Hawtin Live @ Babylon, Greensboro, NC – October 1994 by R_co

Gefällt! Sehr individueller Stil.

Donato Dozzy – Radio 1 Zu 1 Berlin – 02-06-2006 by R_co

Not many DJs can claim an instantly recognizable style, but Donato Dozzy is one of them. If rolling, hypnotic techno with trance influences is your thing, then Dozzy is for you. Call it microtrance. It’s a unique style Dozzy has honed over many years of DJing, a history which has included residential stints at Brancaleone in Rome and the Panoramabar in Berlin, where he was the afterhours specialist from 2004 to 2006. “You go to sleep and wake up at six or seven in the morning, have breakfast and then go and play,” Dozzy told RA in an interview last year. “It’s really funny.”

Dozzy produces, too, and you can find his records on labels such as Lan Musik, Orange Groove and his own Dozzy Records. Two of these records turn up on Dozzy’s RA podcast, alongside likeminded deep, experimental platters from Heiko Laux, Mike Parker, and a cast of unknown-to-us fellow travelers. If you’re into techno, but sick of the same old names in your club sets, then this is the podcast for you. Viva Italia.



Empfehlung. Downloaden. Jetzt.

Monoloc – 2010-09-18 – Live at Berghain Berlin by Electro-Mix-Memory

Monolocs Myspace

Francesco aka Mr.Frankie hat den vierten Teil seiner Serie „My Dub Dream“ veröffentlicht. Die Teile 2 und 3 habe ich ja bereits hier auf diesem Blog thematisiert. Wieder einmal trifft er völlig meinen Dubnerv. Grandiose Trackauswahl, sauberes Mixing und ein echt ansprechender Spannungsbogen. Ich möchte nur sagen „Grazie Francesco! Si prega di più!“

My DUB Dream #4 by Mr.Frankie

01.Oöphoi – Hypnos
02.The Nautilus Project – Silent Docks (Martin Schulte remix)
03.Organon – Red Shift
04.Fabio Scalabroni – Sea Foam
05.Madutec – Spring
06.Quoon – Oberon
07.Edanticonf – Winter Morning
08.Havantepe – Coordinate
09.DeepChord presents Echospace – Live in Moscow
10.Monolake – Index
11.Karraskilla – Tren Siete (Brendon Moeller remix)
12.Quantec – Affluent Society
13.Atheus – Terra Incognita
Release date: Oct 18, 2010

Einen technisch sehr sauber gemixten Überblick über die wundervoll ausgereifte CC-Dubtechnoszene vermittelt Fabio Scalabroni mit seinem unter Cat# VKRSDJ004 auf VKRS releasten Mix. So nüchtern und uninspiriert der Name „Netlabel Set“ auch klingen mag, die Vibes dieses Mixes sind mal wieder herrlich deep.

Fabio Scalabroni – Netlabel Set – Creative Commons – Free Download by Fabio Scalabroni

only free releases (Creative Commons) – djset setup:traktor scratch + 2 x SL1200 + vestax 4ch mixer+ fx
108.29 min – mp3 format 320 kbps – Free Download
Released under a Creative Commons License
Release Date : 12.10.2010
Cat no : VKRSDJ004
Genre : Deep, Dubtechno, Ambient
Ocralab – No cold and heat – ROHS! Netlabel
Gr-oy – Proto 79 (Zzzzra rmx) – Melodica Netlabel
Exos – Mkinimal – Flow.ers Compilation
The marx trukker – Erfurt – Dreiton Twenty Compilation
Fabio Scalabroni – Emersion – Kosmo Netlabel
Christoph Schindling – Groove Commander – Load And Clear Netlabel
Fabio Scalabroni – Silverdub – Creative Commons – free download on Soundcloud
Lars Leonhard – Infect – Deepindub Netlabel
Zzzzra – Toujour plus bas – Perso Records
Lo Nat – Sunrise on stone cape (Fabio Scalabroni RMX) – Sound Source Netlabel
Andrea Porcu – Polluted Sea – ROHS! Netlabel
Gr-oy – Late night horizon – Melodica Netlabel
Nenad Lonic – 17Zero – Discovery Records Netlabel
South Boy – Ascent – Melodica Netlabel
Craquetone – Deplay – Melodica Netlabel
Two unknow guys – Thunderbird – Dreiton Twenty Compilation
Aura Fresh – I’m in dub with you (phaze1) – Chord Plaza
Otzim Lee – Swimming with sharks – Schall Netlabel
Fabio Scalabroni – Snow in Rome – Kosmo Netlabel
Fabio Scalabroni – Dreams that leave me tired – Load and Clear Netlabel
Yagya – We reject the now – Flow.ers Compilation
Tetarise – Absolute Kindness – Aventuél Netlabel
Fabio Scalabroni – Crystal Landscape – Kosmo Netlabel

Axs – 15 Fascinating Pieces

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Schöne Trackauswahl. Gefällt …

A mix of 15 dub techno tracks that never fail to hypnotize me. Namely Rod Modell, Mike Schommer, Ohrwert, Zzzzra, STL, Convextion, Quantec, Ridis & cv313… Perfect for chilly nights, sitting in a warm armchair, with dim light and burning incense.

Limited to 100 downloads, use wisely.

Ohrwert – Parallax
Rod Modell – Kingston
STL – A Beautiful Mind
cv313 – Infiniti-1 (Remodel)
Rod Modell – Lama Temple (DC16 Original Cut)
Rod Modell – Forester Park
Convextion – Crawling & Hungry
Zzzzra – Ploum (Original Cut)
Quantec – Yage
Rod Modell – Avionics
Von Schommer – Würfel
Rod Modell – Morning
Quantec – Lunar Orbiter (Version)
Ridis – Foto
Rod Modell – Night Road

15 Fascinating Pieces by Axs

mnmlssgs haben jetzt eine Tracklist zu diesem fantastischen Mix veröffentlicht.

we received a fantastic response to the recording we posted on john osborn playing at the sub:stance 2nd birthday party at panorama bar, and we also received a lot of requests about track IDs. it has taken a while (john has been busy in the studio) but he has very kindly produced a full tracklist for his set. ok trainspotters, no excuses now, go buy some records!

Echologist. Slow Burn.
Sigha Reimagining. Steadfast

Luke Hess. Motor Dub. FXHE MUSIC

Keith Worthy. Lost In Sound. Aestetic Audio

Marko Fürstenberg, Without You –Sven Weisemann rmx Rotary Cocktail 024 

Luke Hess, Slow To Speak. Sound Mind EP. Deeplabs 001
Larsson, Ruanda. Marko Fürstenberg Rmx. Rotary Cocktail 011
RIBN Light Black EP
Langenberg. Times. Manuel Tur’s Fround Reflex
Joey Anderson. Dive Deep. SMR-008

Keith Worthy. Rocket Science. Aestetic Audio

Vampire EP. Echochord 042
Goldwill. What Is Behind. The Curtain Aera Edit. Wandering/5th Journey

MO 4.5

Mood II Swing. Move Me

Wax 10001

Jason Fine. Many To Many. Ben Klock Remix. KM013
Levon Vincent. Solemn Days. Deconstruct-002

Skudge 001. Contamination

Ben Klock. Viscoplastic. DRH028

Levon Vincent. Double Jointed Sex Freak. Novel Sound
Tevo Howard. Boing Pop. Rebirth

Phylyps Trak II

Wax 30003

Skudge 002. Melodrama

Deep ‚a & Biri. Fragile. You & Me Edit. Rotary Cocktail 017
Precious System. The Voice From Planet Love. Dixon Chic A Go Edit. Running Back 016

Ben Klock. OK ft Elif Biçer. Kenny Larkin Remix. Ostgut Ton 026
Donnacha Costello. Black Bag Job 737. Minimise 034A

Omar-S 004. FXHE Music.

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