Mit ‘Brasil’ getaggte Beiträge

Von Bass and Treble hab ich hier ja schon öfters was gepostet. Hier mal wieder was frisches von ihm. Gefällt mir wieder. Mit 133BPM wirkt der Mix im Bett liegend fast schon Uptempo 😉

„Techno Dub Dubtechno Bass Bass&Treble Lo-fi

DJ mix stubbornly recorded during an afternoon with stomach flu and painful cramps… Tracklist: 1. Crel „Unit 3“ (Plant43 Remix); 2. Dimitri Andreas „Run and Hide“ (Guido Schneider Dangerous Remix); 3. The Shadow „Free As You Wanna Be“; 4. The Black Dog „Northern Electronic Soul“ (Claro Intelecto Snake Pass Remix); 5. Pacou „All It Takes“ (Mike Huckaby Synth Remix); 6. Ben Klock „OK“ (feat. Elit Biçer); 7. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts „Can’t Cheat With Concrete“; 8. D. Diggler „Be-Bob Tango“; 9. Pattern Repeat „001B“; 10. Delta Funktionen „Silhouette“ (Marcel Dettman Remix); 11. Floorplan „Funky Souls“ (Club 246 Mix); 12. Sascha Funke „Lotre (Mehr Fleisch)“; 13. Delta Funktionen „Deflection“. „

Dub Club Friday Night by Bass and Treble

Really love this guys mixes. Nice selection of classics and Rhythm&Sound stuff. Play loud and enjoy.

Heart Of Dub by Bass and Treble

Bass and Treble said:
This is a short and unpretentious DJ set not really mixing but rather putting together some dub precious gems, including some Lee Perry, Joe Gibbs, Sly & Robbie, Rhythm & Sound and original Studio 1 tracks…

Another gem, I found on Soundcloud. Bass and Treble shared this wonderful Minimaldubtechno mix. I like those intelligent dubby vibes!

Minimal On Dub by Bass and Treble

Music lover and vinyl collector since the late seventies, Dj’ing only came to his life as a natural extension of those activities, without the worry to pursue a professional carreer in music, although he had an education in classical music and briefly played the violin within the Houston All-City Orchestra in the eighties For a couple of years B & T attended as the resident DJ on wednesdays of the famous São Paulo chill-in club called Tostex