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Fund auf Soundcloud. Gefällt mir sehr.

another vinyl mix – all Rhythm and Sound trax on Burial Mix and R&S own imprint –

Deep and Dubby says it all – tracks from Echospace (Detroit), Scion Versions, Styrax & Styrax Leaves, Millions of Moments and Metrolux.
Track list as follows:
01.Intrusion – Intrusion (phase 90 reshape) [Echospace Detroit]
02.Intrusion – Intrusion (phase 90 shape II) [Echospace Detroit]
03.Substance & Vainqueur – Resonance [Scion Versions]
04.Substance & Vainqueur – Reverberation [Scion Versions]
05.Substance & Vainqueur – Immersion [Scion Versions]
06.Substance & Vainqueur – Reverberate [Scion Versions]
07.Intrusion – Intrusion Dub [Echospace Detroit]
08.Substance & Vainqueur – Surface [Scion Versions]
09.Intrusion – Intrusion (cv313 Reduction) [Echospace Detroit]
10.Grandbend (remastered mix) [Echospace Detroit]
11.Model 500 – Starlight (Mike Huckaby Synth Remix)[Echospace Detroit]
12.Koi – Deaf Torero [Styrax Leaves]
13.Bvdub – Quiet Vengeance [Styrax]
14.UB-313 – Trak 6 (Echospace dub) [Fortune8]
15.Havantepe – Air [Styrax Leaves]
16.Atheus – ???? [Metrolux]
17.Quantec – Circular [Styrax Leaves]
18.Atheus – InChain FX [Millions of Moments]
19.Atheus – Unendlich [Styrax]

Buying records since 1987, playing them seriously since 1991. Former aficionado and part-time resident at PURE, Edinburgh. A veteran of the original scene with the scars to prove it! 🙂 I’ll see how this goes and may upgrade to a pro account – but you can find all my mixes (hosted on Megaupload) via Discogs. They’re in the Mixes, Acid, When Trance was Good and Old Skool Lovers forums – and there’s also thread of mine in the Mixes Archive.
I use 2 (and sometimes 3) SL1210 Mk2’s and a DJM400 or DJM700 mixer and Magix Audiocleaning lab to record my mixes – no other funny stuff – so what you hear is what I do.
I try not to be a one-trick pony and do mixes in all sorts of genres – oldskool, acid, trance (GOOD trance obviously), techno, house, dub, minimal etc – my record collection is varied – and totals about 3800 pieces currently – and is still growing every week. Check back from time to time as my mixes will regularly change – until I upgrade my account. Thanks for visiting and reading this far! 🙂 All comments are always welcome on my stuff. Best wishes and thanks…..Murray

Der Sound von Herrn Dehnert hat mich direkt beim ersten Hören umgehauen. Schiebender Techno mit der gewissen Portion Dub und Deepness. Herrliche Kombination. Wundervolle Releases auf seinem Label Fachwerk sowie Delsin und Echocord Colour …

Ich bin ja immer noch ein wenig enttäuscht von mir selber, dass ich mir seinen letzten Gig bei mir in der Gegend habe entgehen lassen. Manchmal bekommt man eine zweite Chance. Diese werde ich dann nutzen!

Berlin Block Tetris

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Für nicht wenige wahrscheinlich ein alter Hut. Ich kannte es noch nicht und habe Freude daran. Zumal die Frau gerade Tetris auf ihrem Androiden spielt und durch die Doppelung der Musik großartig aus dem Konzept gebracht wird 😉

via: elaine auf facebook 🙂

Richtig gut. Deep, dubbig und richtig schön tanzbar.

Freund Der Familie – Berlin Techno Podcast – 06-11-2010 by R_co

berlin techno podcast

Gefällt! Sehr individueller Stil.

Donato Dozzy – Radio 1 Zu 1 Berlin – 02-06-2006 by R_co

Not many DJs can claim an instantly recognizable style, but Donato Dozzy is one of them. If rolling, hypnotic techno with trance influences is your thing, then Dozzy is for you. Call it microtrance. It’s a unique style Dozzy has honed over many years of DJing, a history which has included residential stints at Brancaleone in Rome and the Panoramabar in Berlin, where he was the afterhours specialist from 2004 to 2006. “You go to sleep and wake up at six or seven in the morning, have breakfast and then go and play,” Dozzy told RA in an interview last year. “It’s really funny.”

Dozzy produces, too, and you can find his records on labels such as Lan Musik, Orange Groove and his own Dozzy Records. Two of these records turn up on Dozzy’s RA podcast, alongside likeminded deep, experimental platters from Heiko Laux, Mike Parker, and a cast of unknown-to-us fellow travelers. If you’re into techno, but sick of the same old names in your club sets, then this is the podcast for you. Viva Italia.



Empfehlung. Downloaden. Jetzt.

Monoloc – 2010-09-18 – Live at Berghain Berlin by Electro-Mix-Memory

Monolocs Myspace

… und wieder einmal Kraftfuttermischwerk. Immer wenn Ronny Mixe postet verbringe ich danach eine Menge Zeit mit wundervoller Musik. Auch dieses Mal sind die zwei Fundstücke etwas, das ganz weit oben auf der kopfinternen „Wanted“-Liste zu Hause ist. Knapp 2 Stunden nur Chain Reaction Releases auf herrliche Art und Weise angerichtet. Ich denke zu Chain Reaction an sich, brauch man gar nichts mehr sagen. Wer dennoch nach theoretischen Informationen sucht, findet in diesem Wikilink jedoch einen guten Ausgangspunkt für seine Expedition.

nicron: dataplex.019 @ oct.13.2006 w/ chain reaction by nicron

01 vladislav delay: huone
02 va: resilent 1.2
03 va: erode
04 va: no.3 debit
05 va: no.6 credit
06 substance: relish dub edit

nicron: dataplex.018 @ oct.06.2006 w/ chain reaction by nicron

01 hallucinator: rocket
02 matrix: milieux
03 matrix: see off
04 fluxion: omnibus
05 hallucinator: red angel
06 fluxion: lark
07 fluxion: largo
08 fluxion: pendoulous
09 fluxion: influx

via: kfmw

Huch, 3h45min vom Hernn Klock. ~525 Megabyte.

Viel Spass damit!

Ben Klock Live @ Voices, Propaganda, Moscow – 30-07-2010 by R_co

Gnihihi, …….. Girlpower …….. Avantgarde halt ….

Info: wiki