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Axs – 15 Fascinating Pieces

Veröffentlicht: 13. Oktober 2010 in dub, dubtechno, fundstücke, klangerfahrung
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Schöne Trackauswahl. Gefällt …

A mix of 15 dub techno tracks that never fail to hypnotize me. Namely Rod Modell, Mike Schommer, Ohrwert, Zzzzra, STL, Convextion, Quantec, Ridis & cv313… Perfect for chilly nights, sitting in a warm armchair, with dim light and burning incense.

Limited to 100 downloads, use wisely.

Ohrwert – Parallax
Rod Modell – Kingston
STL – A Beautiful Mind
cv313 – Infiniti-1 (Remodel)
Rod Modell – Lama Temple (DC16 Original Cut)
Rod Modell – Forester Park
Convextion – Crawling & Hungry
Zzzzra – Ploum (Original Cut)
Quantec – Yage
Rod Modell – Avionics
Von Schommer – Würfel
Rod Modell – Morning
Quantec – Lunar Orbiter (Version)
Ridis – Foto
Rod Modell – Night Road

15 Fascinating Pieces by Axs