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uhhhhhh, VST won´t make it ….

Sythesizer Heaven – Studio of Parallel Worlds

Wavemountain studio equipment list:

Analogue (semi-modular synths, monosynths, string machines, drum machines):

* ARP 2600 mk2 synth with 3604P keyboard
* ARP Odyssey mk3
* Korg MS-20 monosynth, MS-50 monosynth, SQ-10 Sequencer, VC-10 Vocoder, MS-02 interface
* Korg PE-1000 Polyphonic Ensemble with Korg S-2 dual footswitch
* Korg PE-2000 Polyphonic Ensemble
* Roland System-100 (101, 102)
* Korg Trident mk1 keyboard/synth
* Moog Opus 3 strings synth
* Roland TR-606 Drum Machine (modified with Analogue Solutions tonal mod Box & individual outputs)
* Eko Rhythmaker preset Drum Machine
* Korg SE-500 Stage Echo
* Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Analogue Modulars:

* EMS VCS3 mk1 with EMS DK1 keyboard
* EMS VCS3 mk1(second) heavily modified with added VCO Sync, PWM inputs)
* EMS Random Voltage Generator module
* Technosaurus Selector System-D analogue modular (29 modules)
* Analogue Systems RS-Integrator modular (five 6U racks – 48 modules)
* Serge Modular Music System (16 panels)
* Analogue Solutions Concussor modular (6U rack – 13 modules, mostly drums)
* Doepfer A-100 / euro analogue modular (two 3U racks, fourteen 6U racks, two 9U portable cases – 220 Doepfer A100 modules)
* extra modules mounted into my A100 / euro frames:
* Cyndustries ZerOscillator module, 4 Harvestman modules, 3 MakeNoise modules, 2 Livewire modules, 3 Plan B modules, 1 Flight Of Harmony module, 3 Malekko/wiard modules, 1 4ms module
* Metalbox /CGS analogue Modular (18U rack)
* Roland System-100m Modular (three 191j cabinets)
* Oberheim 4 Voice SEM Modular (20U rack)
* Three external LDR custom boxes for use with the two light to CV Doepfer A100 modules
* many hundreds of mini-jack, banana and big-jack patch cables…


* Korg Wavestation keyboard wave-sequencing synth
* Korg MS-2000R Virtual analog synth
* Roland JP-8000 Virtual analog synth
* Yamaha FS1R advanced FM synth
* Yamaha TX-516 FM synth and BC2 Breath Controller
* Korg Electribe S mk1 sampling drum machine
* Korg Electribe S mk2 sampling drum machine
* Korg Electribe SX sampling drum machine
* Nord Modular Rack (Expanded) Virtual Modular
* Waldorf Microwave XT wavetable synth


* Emu EMAX II rack HD (8MB) plus Zip100 scsi drive
* Roland S-750 (18MB each) (x2) plus Zip250 scsi drive, Zip100 scsi drive, Apple CDROM drive, monitor.


* Kenton Pro-Solo midi to cv
* Kenton Pro2000 midi to cv
* Doepfer MCV24 midi to cv
* Anatek Pocket Merge midi merger, Pocket Breath bc to midi
* Yamaha YME8 midi thru box
* M-Audio CO2 Optical/Coaxial Converter

Mixing / Recording:

* Mackie HR-624 active monitors
* Yamaha HS80M active monitors
* Two Yamaha 03D Digital Mixers plus CD8-CS cascade cards kit
* Sony DPS-R7 Reverb
* Sony DPS-D7 Modulation/chorus/flanger
* Roland SDE-330 Dimensional space delay
* Roland SDX-330 Dimensional expander
* Lexicon Vortex Morphing processor
* Behringer Edison spatial processor, PX2000 Patchbay (x2)
* Behringer Denoiser 1000, Denoiser 2000, Composer compressor, Valve mic pre-amp, Dualfex exciter.
* Paia Dual Compressor
* Sony DTC-790 DAT
* Shure SM58 Mic

Computers / Software:

* N.I. Reaktor 5 software modular, Ableton Live 8 Suite
* HP Laptop (Intel Pentium 1.7Ghz, 2GB) plus M-Audio 4×4 midi interface, and M-Audio firewire Audiophile
* HP Laptop (Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.8Ghz, 1024MB) plus M-audio 2×2 midi interface.
* Atari 1040 ST

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Immer, wenn ich so etwas sehe, gehen mir tausend³ Argumente durch den Kopf, wie ich meine Finanzministerin von der Notwendigkeit der Anschaffung weiterer Hardware könnte. (Es gab gerade noch ein neues Audiointerface, ich bin also nicht an der Reihe … 😉 )

Aber Spass bei Seite. Wirklich ein toller Track und ein sehr begeisterndes Live Video. Da möchte man am liebsten gleich mitjammen. Ich bin jetzt auch der festen Überzeugung, dass ich in das upcoming Album unbedingt reinhören muss. Geiles Zeuch!

Wie an anderer Stelle schon angekündigt, erscheint am 4. Oktober das neue Album von System auf Rump Recordings. Das Elektronika-Trio aus Kopenhagen bestehend aus Thomas Knak (Opiate), Anders Remmer (Dub Tractor) und Jesper Skaaning (Acustic) hat jetzt ein Video online gestellt, in dem die drei einen der Album-Tracks in einem kleinen, leeren, komplett weißen Raum, der angeblich ihr Studio sein soll, live performen. Vielleicht haben sie aber auch einfach nur sehr gründlich aufgeräumt. “Drk”, der Track, den sie spielen, ist auf jeden Fall ein schön zerfließender Bastard aus Dubstep, Elektronika und digitalen Reggae-Vibes. Wir freuen uns weiter aufs Album.

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Lanplage 0003 by Landplage

So, da ist er, der dritte Track meines Landplage Zyklus. Nicht ganz so düster, wie 0001 und 0002. Wird wahrscheinlich etwas mit dem Frühling zu tun haben. Naja, LAUT anhören und wenn Lust, eventuell ein bisschen Feedback hinterlassen. Würde mich freuen.

Mental Note: An EEG musical instrument

Hunter Scott, a student at Georgia Tech, discovered a serial out on a Star Wars Force Trainer EEG toy, so he decided to make it into a musical instrument. When activated, the electroencephalography-driven toy plays a variety of samples depending the readings from the alpha and beta brainwaves.

Mental Note is the name I gave to a project that I made for Yahoo HackU 2010. They come to Georgia Tech every year, and I thought it would be fun to compete. I was trying to come up with something, and I knew I wanted to do a hardware hack since I am not a CS major and a lot of the people who compete are like 3rd and 4th year CS majors (I was a 2nd year computer engineer). The competition was on Friday, and the Monday before, I started trying to come up with an idea. I remembered seeing the Star Wars Force Trainer when it came out and I really wanted to do something with it. Someone had done some work on reverse engineering the hardware and had found that the head piece used 3 contacts with the head to take an EEG. Then it sent the data wirelessly over a regular RF connection somewhere in the 2.4 GHz range. But most importantly, it turns out that there are header pins that were left in from testing and one of the pins gives a serial out! So it’s really easy to interface with. That means you can control anything with your mind. So I started thinking, what would be cool to control with your mind. I thought maybe you could control Google Earth, or maybe update Facebook and Twitter with your mood, or maybe control a simple flash game. But all of those seemed like they might be too hard to control precisely, and they just didn’t seem cool enough. So then I thought about playing certain songs based on your mood. If you felt happy, then play upbeat music, if you feel sad, play sad music. But I was afraid that once you started listening to a song, you would get stuck in that mood and wouldn’t change. And then I realized that it would be way cooler if you could create music. After some more thinking and talking over it with a friend, I came up with Mental Note.

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Another piece of mine … Give it a try and listen loud!

Landplage 0002 by Landplage

Im Post bezüglich Legas Mix auf risikogruppe-blog habe ich geschrieben, dass ich pacos Aussage im Bezug auf die Berlin Dubtechno Geschichten der 90er so unterschreiben kann. Naja, was soll ich sagen. Alte Liebe rostet bekanntlich nicht. Ich hab hier mal eines der unfinished projects von meiner Harddisk gekramt und ein wenig ausgearbeitet. Ist zwar noch WIP, hat aber mal wieder richtig Spass gebracht, ein wenig an den Reglern rumzufummeln.

Just give it a try and turn up your volume.

Landplage 0001 by Landplage