Murrolo´s Dubtechno Mixes

Veröffentlicht: 5. Mai 2011 in download, dub, dubtechno, techno
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Fund auf Soundcloud. Gefällt mir sehr.

another vinyl mix – all Rhythm and Sound trax on Burial Mix and R&S own imprint –

Deep and Dubby says it all – tracks from Echospace (Detroit), Scion Versions, Styrax & Styrax Leaves, Millions of Moments and Metrolux.
Track list as follows:
01.Intrusion – Intrusion (phase 90 reshape) [Echospace Detroit]
02.Intrusion – Intrusion (phase 90 shape II) [Echospace Detroit]
03.Substance & Vainqueur – Resonance [Scion Versions]
04.Substance & Vainqueur – Reverberation [Scion Versions]
05.Substance & Vainqueur – Immersion [Scion Versions]
06.Substance & Vainqueur – Reverberate [Scion Versions]
07.Intrusion – Intrusion Dub [Echospace Detroit]
08.Substance & Vainqueur – Surface [Scion Versions]
09.Intrusion – Intrusion (cv313 Reduction) [Echospace Detroit]
10.Grandbend (remastered mix) [Echospace Detroit]
11.Model 500 – Starlight (Mike Huckaby Synth Remix)[Echospace Detroit]
12.Koi – Deaf Torero [Styrax Leaves]
13.Bvdub – Quiet Vengeance [Styrax]
14.UB-313 – Trak 6 (Echospace dub) [Fortune8]
15.Havantepe – Air [Styrax Leaves]
16.Atheus – ???? [Metrolux]
17.Quantec – Circular [Styrax Leaves]
18.Atheus – InChain FX [Millions of Moments]
19.Atheus – Unendlich [Styrax]

Buying records since 1987, playing them seriously since 1991. Former aficionado and part-time resident at PURE, Edinburgh. A veteran of the original scene with the scars to prove it! 🙂 I’ll see how this goes and may upgrade to a pro account – but you can find all my mixes (hosted on Megaupload) via Discogs. They’re in the Mixes, Acid, When Trance was Good and Old Skool Lovers forums – and there’s also thread of mine in the Mixes Archive.
I use 2 (and sometimes 3) SL1210 Mk2’s and a DJM400 or DJM700 mixer and Magix Audiocleaning lab to record my mixes – no other funny stuff – so what you hear is what I do.
I try not to be a one-trick pony and do mixes in all sorts of genres – oldskool, acid, trance (GOOD trance obviously), techno, house, dub, minimal etc – my record collection is varied – and totals about 3800 pieces currently – and is still growing every week. Check back from time to time as my mixes will regularly change – until I upgrade my account. Thanks for visiting and reading this far! 🙂 All comments are always welcome on my stuff. Best wishes and thanks…..Murray

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