Huch, was deep! Nitz – Walk don’t run

Veröffentlicht: 1. Oktober 2010 in download, dub, dubtechno, klangerfahrung
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Minimlaistic Dubtechno Mix von Nitz vom „Synaptic“ Kollektiv aus Slovenien.

Was soll ich sagen … reinverliebt !!

SYNAPTIC “Life Through Mediators”

”Synaptic is about exploring sound, art and human mind through audio, visual and all other plausible inputs.”

Synaptic is Ljubljana based society of mind like people who are involved in promotion, production and presentation of diverse underground electronic music. Their music ranges from dance floor oriented deep, micro and tech house to IDM and experimental electronica. Synaptic organizes club venues and small festivals with names like Jeff Milligan, Mike Shannon, Jan Jelinek, Move D, Carsten Jost, Deadbeat, Anders Ilar, Tim Hecker, Daniel Bell, Frivolous… Members of Synaptic also collaborate on festivals and clubs around Slovenia and abroad.

The history of Synaptic goes back in 1998 where the initial ideas were born with aim to connect science and art through social interactions and philosophy of living. The fundamental concept of Synaptic “Life Through Mediators” was created in year 2000 by DJ Ulix (Symann) who recruited Zergon and Waldemar Haszlakiewicz. Over the years new members were included into the team and from 2009 Synaptic is recognized as an association in Ministry of Culture, Slovenia shortly named “Združenje Synaptic”.

Synapses with neurotransmitter messengers are basic communication channels between nerve cells in living organisms. Through synaptic transmissions one can recognize himself, respond with secondary messaging and transfer the response to other individuals. Music as well as any other foreign stimuli affects us through synapses and causes variable physiological and psychological responses. The music represents the pivotal impulse within Synaptic movement. However, stimulation of other senses utilizing neuro-science based visualizations, tutorials, performances and ambient installations are also presented. Like the nervous system Synaptic evolves and transforms continuously but stays within the aspects of Life and it’s origins.

Synaptic project focuses on elaboration why and how so many different impulses affect us by exploring the mechanisms of human mind and body in interaction with external world.

Ideally the Synaptic manifesto is to put the modern human in altered state of mind filled with tranquility and intellectual diversity.

The current members of the Synaptic society are (artistic names): Symann (DJ, promotion, production), Zergon (DJ, promotion, production), Freeverse (DJ, promotion, production), Utti (DJ, promotion), Lux (DJ, multimedia), Jovan (DJ, production), Nitz (DJ, production, promotion), Splinterhouse (DJ), Perchy (e-guitar), Luka Pus (saxophone), Emc2 (visuals, video), Meanx (design), Placebo (artwork, ambient), Mesec (programming, visuals), -+FW (VJ, photography), ML (PR).

Nitz – Walk don’t run by Synaptic


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