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Blumen Detroit DJ set brings you deep underground with vicious techno Detroit style

Born Capricorn in Sicily (Italy), in the early 80s discovered to have a special feeling for music and thanks to his Dad albums of the late 70s funk and soul with the new 80s coming, started to mix cassettes tapes and DJ at friends house partys when the feeling of house started to be borned, rebel kid missed school to go play every day at his first radio show in Palermo. At the age of 18 left Italy to move overseas to Toronto where he discovered that true house music was born and the passion he felt for it, 10 years later Dee have spinned for the best Ontario clubs (Limelight – RPM – Stilife – Kingdome – Palazzo – Monopoli, Industry, among others), hosted various radio shows where he scouted to introduce new underground talents, played house for love in wherehouses partys, experienced Djing at mega raves when James brown is dead rotated. Dee assembled a studio production (HGM) and used the Alias names of Dee Man & Silvio Dee to release for several labels like (Freeze – New Bread – Dnh – E-Sa – Contranband), and thanks to his popularity started organizing illegal wharehouse partys and in the mid-1990s opening two own clubs and one after hours, where he learned all the other aspects of the music Industry, and the never sleep teraphy!!
In the year 2000 after a visit to sunny Spain Dee decided that Palma de Mallorca could it be his next living adventure; 5 years passed by and Dee once again had become one of the must popular DJs in the after hours scene with 12 hours non stop sessions, invitations for major clubs such as Pacha – Titos – BCM – Gallery – Vinilo and in Ibiza at Bora Bora and Space. The addiction for making partys had him started a new production the DGHP which he still runnes to this date and the Made4House Collective subdivision, with hundres of partys made around the Island and supported by Djs like Terry Francis – Rino Cerrone – Terry Lee Brown Junior and more…Hosted his own radio show with Flax FM.
In 2005 a friend offered Dee to open and manage for one year a club in Foz do Arelho Portugal, this new challenge attracted Dee and the After Beach club was borned, 400 people capacity in a very underground New York style atmosphere, where Dee organized many techno partys and shared sessions with several well respected National Djs.
20 years passed by and Dee still looking ahead with new ideas and the long time away from Italy and the music productions have brought Dee this past 2007 back to his roots, to feel re charge his love and passion, convince to take a long brake and concentrate in producing to bring his most personal and intimate vision of electronic dance music; profound techno and very synthetic techno house, and keep Djing the must he can. This Italian producer has taken it seriously and is very ambitious; in just a year he’s published in labels like Harthouse or Tongut, Cuatro, Prosthetic Pressings, among others, has got to the top at the most important on line shop list, and has made his way into the charts of the most influential DJs in the scene with new collaborations for 2009. Dee is also Label Head of V-Label which he co.owens with Audioma and represents Artist such as Robert Babicz, 2 Rare People, Swat Squad, Alecs Marta, Alex Bau, Sascha Barth, Jeff Bennet, among others, this 2009 he will launch a new label “Artis Audio” with the presentation of a new DJ duo he represents with Audioma „REFUSE.
The reason of this is that this guy has allot to say, and plus, that everybody likes him. You never know whats next!


Dee Green aka FDK

2009-02-09 Moving Forward EP – Tongut
2009-01-20 Chazzy EP – Harthouse
2008-12-22 Memory Signs EP – Malo records
2008-12-05 Internal Shades – Cuatro
2008-11-10 Back 2 Mine – Tongut
2008-10-14 Essential Buzzin’ – Prosthetic Pressings
2008-09-25 Logic Memory – Gimmick records
2008-09-02 De:Bug EP – Harthouse
2008-08-15 DSR002 – Documenti Sonori records


2009-02-13 The Others EP – KBM – UDTK records
2009-02-10 Everything turns black – Marko – Prosthetic Pressings
2008-12-19 Congoweapon – Audioma – V-Label
2007-11-16 Beatport – Cristian Paduraru – Disko-Massaka
2007-04-25 Moonlight – Mixmaster Costatino Padovano – Sheeva records
2007-03-29 Ist Ganz Uber Haus Musik – The deep fried boyz – Sheeva records


2009-04-16 Exploring Italy – compiled by Slok – Beshamé (title track) – Baroque
2009-03-17 QR code 01 – compiled by Takaya Sato – Alza la testa (title track) – Gemini recordings
2009-01-12 DSR021 – Parallers (titled track) – Documenti Sonori records
2008-09-14 Wemix 177 – Dee green & Jepy Jey aka FDK DJ set – Worldwide Exclusive reords
2008-03-06 Building Momentum – compiled by John Dare – Beatport (title track) – 2LS 2 Dance


2008-10-17 – Sporky Bizz (remixes by Audioma & Jeff B


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