Neel – Voices From The Lake (Promo Mix) DEEEEEEEP !!

Veröffentlicht: 19. Mai 2010 in download, klangerfahrung
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Oha, das ist mal richtig gut. Super slow, deep und wahnsinnig athmosphärisch!

Einfach mal reinhören oder downloaden.

Neel was born in Curinga, a little village on the sea in the warm South Italy,since he was little boy he was attracted to djing, because of his passion for music and Electronic in general. At The age of twelve he buys his first turntables and he starts to cultivate his talent by playing anything there was to play, and especially playing everywhere. At the age of eighteen he moves to Rome, where he studies at university and pushed with love for this city, the important icon in the Italian Electronic scene, he deepens in a small time his music culture, generating eclectic dj set where fusion between House, Techno and Electro, was very important. His style, unique for a boy his age, soon brings him to have positive judgments and feedback from assigned in this scene and with them he starts large series of collaborations. His gigs made him protagonist in the most famous underground clubs of Rome like Ex-Magazzini, club that saw grow all the big Roman artists, Neo club, Viceversa, Classico Village, Brancaleone, Ex-mattattoio, Locanda Atlantide, Fake club, Akab, Alien, Linux club, Jaskira cafè and many others. He played also at important festivals like Sinergia Festivals, P.E.A.M. (Pescara Electronic Art Festival) where his set was trasmitted in streaming trough BBC1, and also played at many illegal parties. He has organized most famous parties in Rome like AOS (Art is Open Source) at Linux Club, MIDI IN with Say Dj, nights where experimentations and author electronic music were melted,and the media was very interested. With Monica Gardellini aka DE-Monique he has organized Expò, unique nights for that kind of music where there was a big interaction between music and art. Since half 2006, with the construction of a home studio, he starts to produce music and he starts to find his sound. His style, comes from eclectic musical base, it’s developped with a strong hypnotic character, actually it’s focussed on house and techno music, but it opened to the experimentation in several musical fields. He played and he continues to play with famous and not famous artists, with whom he brings ahead collaborations like the first release coming soon on DIFF:USE Records with Donato Dozzy.Since November 2007 he lives in Holland,a particular country full of energy, where soon he will start to study Sound Engineering at SAE Institute Rotterdam.


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