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Veröffentlicht: 2. Februar 2010 in download, klangerfahrung
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With this mix, I wanted to express the style of music that characterizes what I love to both listen to and play. Above all, it represents the feelings and emotions that define my past year. I recorded this set at home in the evening with the intimacy of only myself and the environment of a beautiful Sardinian winter around me. Well, also with my own collection of black beauty: vinyl.

The mix is an up and down of vibes, some deeper and some harder, that create a pleasant flow, full of sounds and sensations that lead me to imagine different lands, real and unreal. The set represents the concept of the music I like: not too fast, deep but at same time so hard, where I can feel that it comes straight from the core!

claudio prc – process part 183 by modyfier

claudio prc – process part 183 by modyfier

01. Luke Hesse – Reel Life (CV 313 Dimensional Space Mix) – Echocord
02. Mikkel Metal – Jeman (Cassy Remix) – Echocord
03. STL – Silent State – Smallville
04. N/A – Variance III (Marcel Dettmann Edit) – Sandwell District
05. Paul Brtschitsch & Cio D‘ Or – Safran – Broque
06. Ben Klock – Subzero – Ostgut Ton
07. Juho Kahilainen – Black Stream – Prologue
08. Perc – Mathlete – Ovum
09. Samuli Kemmpi – Droning – Prologue
10. Norman Nodge – NN 8.0 – MDR
11. Edit Select – Sliotar – Edit Select
12. Santiago Salazar – La Minoria – Historia Y Violencia
13. Quantec – Deeper Basement – Pong Musiq
14. Edit Select – No Automation – Edit Select
15. Samuli Kemppi – Joiku – Prologue
16. Paul Brtschitsch & Cio D‘ Or – Kurkuma – Broque


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